The latest bathroom design trends to consider for your remodel

Whether you’re remodeling or building a custom new home, nice bathrooms are a good investment. Large or small, fancy or simple, a well designed bathroom adds value to your home and peace of mind to your daily routine. And there are many details to consider! Here’s our designers’ guide to the latest bathroom remodeling ideas worth considering for your home.

These are the bathroom remodeling ideas and design trends to keep on your radar for any type of updates you make to this all-important space. That doesn’t mean each of these trends needs included in your bathroom, nor does it mean these styles will work in every type of home. Your overall goal is to have your fixtures, finishes and layout work well together to create a cohesive and functional design aesthetic that fits your style and budget.

So, based on research by our design team who stays on top of all home and remodeling trends, here are some of the latest bathroom remodeling ideas.


A Neutral Palette

We love a timeless bathroom! By selecting a monochromatic element, such as one color or material throughout the whole space, you can create a bathroom that feels timeless and always on trend for years to come. Here are some great examples.


Vanity and shower in a white modern bathroom remodel by Silent Rivers Des Moines feels open, peaceful and spa like

Modern and neutral: We designed and built this bathroom in white tones warmed up with a custom wood vanity »


White craftsman bathroom remodel by Silent Rivers, Des Moines, Iowa features tiled shower

This award-winning craftsman bathroom remodel by Silent Rivers is filled with light and neutral tones »






Concrete is starting to appear as sink basins, countertops, floors and walls. It’s really exciting to see a material formerly reserved for utilitarian use mixed with organic elements. Marrying concrete with woods, steel, porcelain and resin is a trend that continues to rise across all design aesthetics. If concrete is a stretch for your budget and you love it’s look, you might consider tile that looks like concrete.





White and gray marble continues to be a popular material for bathrooms. It is classic and timeless, and its aesthetic can go from traditional to modern. Marble is also great for resale if this is not your forever home. Likewise, quartz that looks like natural stone is an attractive and durable substitute that continues to be a great alternative.




Dark Hardware

We are starting to see more dark finishes such as black, pewter and gunmetal. These darker tones make a nice contrast when used in your lighting fixtures, faucets and cabinet hardware. When done well, dark hardware can create a beautiful balance with your vanity, countertop and tile.


Polished black chrome wall mounted faucet by Hans Grohe

Polished black chrome wall-mounted faucet by Hans Grohe is both modern and elegant.



Simplified Storage

Bathroom cabinets tend to accumulate a lot of unused products. Rather than adding storage to your washroom, consider these ides to simplify your storage space to what you truly need.




Big Impressions in Small Spaces

Powder rooms have always been a perfect place to add high drama to a small space. Now we are seeing more and more oversized floral wall prints and pattern-on-patterns, particularly in bold and bright colors. If the color is a bit overpowering for you, take it down a notch by keeping with a bold pattern in a natural color.




Spa-Like Designs

While a bathroom absolutely needs to be a practical space, it also presents an opportunity to create an experiential space. It can be designed as a place where you relax and unwind at the end of the day or mindfully gear up in the beginning of your day. We are all about creating inspired spaces that help you lead an inspired life. More people are realizing that the bathroom is an area of the home that anchors the beginning and end of each day. As your budget allows, why not infuse it with a spa mindset?




A Multifunctional Water Space

Creating a “water space” is an increasingly popular concept. In this trend, both the bathtub and shower are in the same open area of the bathroom. With only a simple glass barrier, this layout allows your bathroom to look much bigger than it really is. For those of you trying to answer the question presented in our article Shower or a soak or both?! What’ best for you?, this concept is a clever way to accomplish both. Here are some inspiring examples.



Industrial farmhouse style master bathroom in custom new barn style home in St. Charles, Iowa designed and built by Silent Rivers of Des Moines features zero entry glass wall shower, brick-look tile and soaking tub

In a new custom home we designed and built, we created this master bathroom with a glass-walled shower that includes a two-person bathtub. See more of this project »


Vanities in Front of Windows

We are seeing more vanities in front of windows. When there is a beautiful view, it’s great being able to look out while standing next to your sink. I’ve suspended mirrors from the ceiling or used a mirror on the end wall of the sink to make this possible. Another plus is the lighting — natural lighting is fantastic!




Wood Accents

Setting a warm and neutral tone to your bathroom, wood has become increasingly more popular in this private space. You can use it for your vanities, and for your shower floors or walls. Just be sure you are selecting the right wood for the job and your bathroom is properly vented. Wood and constant water don’t exactly go hand in hand. That’s why it’s best to go with tropical woods, like teak, ipe or red wood, which are naturally water resistant (though naturally pricier, too). Also, keep in mind that there will be maintenance. A removeable wood floor will need to be cleaned bi-weekly from soap scum and sealed annually to keep its durability. If you don’t mind the maintenance aspect this can really add a “wow” factor to any bathroom.



If you love the look but are a bit hesitant about the maintenance and cost of natural wood, you could use porcelain tiles that looks like wood.

Industrial bathroom remodel in downtown Des Moines loft by Silent Rivers features weathered wood tile shower and concrete look tile floor

We installed tile resembling concrete and weathered wood in this downtown Des Moines loft for a warm urban look. See more of this project »



Patterned Floor Tile

By adding a pattered floor tile to a bathroom, you add interest and a fun way to go bold with a splash of color. There are a few different types of patterned floor tiles on the market these days, and they each have their own pros and cons. Cement tiles are porous, which means they absorbs everything and will need to be sealed regularly. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are already sealed and are more durable than cement tiles.

Patterned floor tile in colorful daring bathroom from Wayfair article

In the Wayfair article “16 Bathroom Floors That Pull Off Pattern”, we loved this colorful and slightly daring floor.



Patterned bathroom floor tile in blue and gray from The Tile Shop

Patterned floor tile gives this modern farmhouse style bathroom a handmade feel with tile from The Tile Shop.



A Tech-Infused Bathroom

As technology evolves, an increasing number of tech options are available for the bathroom. Mirrors with built-in LED lighting, motion detecting faucets, and even automatic temperature regulators are growing in popularity. As seen in some hotel bathrooms, mirror-integrated touchscreens are also becoming popular among the more tech-savvy population. Whether one wants to control lighting, view the day’s weather forecast, or simply impress their guests, technological advances are constantly offering new options.

Savvy SmartMirror by Electric Mirror

TV and smart screen in a vanity mirror? With the Savvy SmartMirror product by Electric Mirror, you can even integrate smart technology into a mirror you already own.



If that’s more techie than you desire, check out another smart addition to your bathroom remodel. Innovative heated towel racks are designed nowadays to dry towels and warm up the room – as opposed to the radiators of yesteryear. These smart racks save space, create a comfortable environment and keep the bathroom looking clutter free.




In our 25+ years as a respected bathroom remodeler in Des Moines, we’ve designed and built all kinds of bathrooms. We hope these bathroom remodeling ideas not only inspire you; they help you decide how to move forward on your project!

Drop us a line about your bathroom project and we will happily answer your questions »


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