Colby Brommel

Colby Brommel, Lead Artisan, Silent Rivers Design+Build

Title: Lead Artisan

Summary: An experienced Carpenter, Colby brings calm focus to the chaos of remodeling. While his favorite work is trim carpentry, he also has a love of small details that add up to create a large impact and he is always working to improve and transform. Colby works to make the most effective, and efficient impact with the smartest approach. Truly a model of our Values, particularly Collaboration & Integrity; Colby is always there to do what is needed, step in, step up, go beyond and do what’s right.

Experience: Technical training in the Air National Guard led Colby to the trades when he was 19, and while the skills weren’t quite the same, it inspired him to work with his hands. He spent his first 7 years in the trades installing windows but striving towards perfection led him to Silent Rivers. The desire to learn and grow in all things are what keeps him going.

“Set your house in perfect order, before criticizing the world” - Dr Jordan B Peterson”

More About Colby Brommel: Colby’s hobbies revolve around the adrenaline of adventure, as a former motocross racer, and avid cyclist on both the pavement and the dirt he loves taking road trips in his van with his bikes, and a loose plan.  

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