Gustav “Gus Gus”

Gus the pup, Silent Rivers

Title: Director of Stress Relief

Certifications: Nationally Licensed Lap Dog (NLAP), Certified in Fetch, DOG, Master Tennisballer

Summary: Gus is a resident-expert in stress relief management and tennis ball relations. Treats, office fetch and head scratches are motivations for Gus. He jumped at the chance (literally!) to join the Silent Rivers team as he knew he would be able to hit the ground running by finding all of the office tennis balls. At Silent Rivers, Gus’ many roles include assisting in stress relief for employees, managing tennis ball relations, greeting clients and barking at the mailman. He also brings a positive attitude and serious cuteness factor to the Silent Rivers office.

  • Treat Master 515, member
  • Fetchaholics Anonymous, member
  • National Dog Napping Club, member
  • Dogs for Dog Parks 515, President

Experience: Gus studied under world-renowned Dr. D.O.G at the Tennis and Stress Relief School for Gifted Pups and earned his degree in Stress Relief and Tennis Ball Management in 2014. After graduation, he worked as a dependent consultant in stress relief and tennis ball relations for various local celebrities. He earned the nickname “Gus Gus” while working with local pooch celebrity, Buddy the Pup. In 2016, “Gus Gus” came to join the team at Silent Rivers in order to help manage tennis ball relations for the office.

I can sniff out a tennis ball from a mile away. The first time I visited Silent Rivers, I knew it would be a good fit. I’m well attended to, get lots of treats and have become a master at finding the elusive tennis ball. Don’t tell my mom, but I think I’ve gained a few pounds since I started here.”

More About Gustav “Gus Gus”: In his down time, Gus is active in the pooch theater community and enjoys practicing for his dream-role of being cast as Dog #3 in Catz Meow, The Musical. An avid outdoorsman, “Gus Gus” enjoys ice fishing as well as long hikes in the woods. Other interests include playing poker with his fellow pups and sniffing around at local dog parks.

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