Jason Boggess

Jason Boggess, Production Manager, Silent Rivers

Title: Production Manager

Summary: Cultivating passion for the art of building comes naturally to Jason Boggess, who manages the Silent Rivers team of artisans and builders. Knowing fulfillment is generated when people are inspired by what they do, he builds trusting relationships and challenges his team to excel in their career, pushing the boundaries of their craft. He listens to what others want, meets them where they are and comfortably takes them further. Being on time and on budget is as important to him as ensuring his team embodies the Silent Rivers values and vision.

Experience: Jason attended Iowa State University to become a surgeon. While construction was not originally in his sights, his father and grandfather were fine woodworkers who demonstrated surgical precision in their hobby. Through a job he had while in college, Jason learned the fine art of custom home building. Transitioning from new construction into remodeling and residential new construction, Jason discovered great enjoyment in creating and working with clients through his gift of speaking the language and performing the art of custom building. He was able to elevate these gifts and his purpose-driven leadership style when he joined Silent Rivers, where projects consider the impact on people, community and planet.

Jason Boggess and his wife Allison, daughter Evie Cate and son Bennett.

Jason Boggess and his wife Allison, daughter Evie Cate and son Bennett.

I love how Silent Rivers projects transcend regular design and construction by considering the effect on people who dwell there and the environment. We create structures with significant meanings that are spectacularly personal. It's about designing and building each space to fit how our client wants to use it, allowing them to root themselves into their inspired space and live an inspired life. We know that a place of beauty and function allows clients to be their best and get in touch with who they really are.””

More About Jason Boggess: In addition to anything that has to do with a ball or the outdoors, Jason’s favorite hobby is his family. His wife and two adorable children are the most important aspects of his life. Health and sustainability are also critical to him, especially the connection between the two. He deeply understands that how we build and the products we use impact the environment and reflect the value we place on the gifts God has given us.

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