Nathan Thompson

Nathan Thompson, Design+Build Specialist, Silent Rivers Design+Build

Title: Design+Build Specialist  

Certifications: Studied Business, Landscape Management, Horticulture and Natural Resources & Ecology Management at ISU

Summary: Nathan Thompson is often a first point of contact for Silent Rivers clients. A natural connector who truly loves the nature of business development, Nathan is our Design+Build Specialist who kicks off your project with Silent Rivers. His affinity for relating to people stems all the way back to when he was a kid and his mom would find him talking to strangers at Kmart.

  • US Marine Corps Sergeant

Experience: After serving his second Marine combat tour in Iraq, Nathan created and managed a design+build landscaping company focused on lasting customer satisfaction. Working in residential, commercial and government contracting, Nathan had a knack for both softscapes and hardscapes. His company offered services in landscape design and construction, horticulture design with an emphasis on sustainability, maintenance and tree care, water features, patios, arbors, pergolas and decks. This was a perfect fit for Silent Rivers, whose roots were in outdoor design before branching into full-scale home remodeling and custom home building.

My wheelhouse is that I like meeting people. At Silent Rivers, our projects start with a relationship from which something incredible is created. Even for our clients who at first don’t know exactly what they need, they know that how we create it is just as important as what we create for and with them. Collaboration creates that which enhances their lives. That’s the beautiful power of creation.””

More About Nathan Thompson: Nathan feels fortunate he was able to serve our country in Iraq, overcoming challenges he will never forget. He is thankful for the peace-of-mind provided by his supportive family, friends and the Lord. Nathan and his wife have three daughters. (Ask him about the tune he whistles to the girls every morning to wake them with a positive attitude.) In addition to serving in his church, this farm kid from Eagle Grove, Iowa enjoys attending musical events, traveling and fly fishing, which he studied while living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you're looking for some casting tips, Nathan is happy to share what he’s learned to do — and not do!

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