Celebrate with us! 25 Years of Silent Rivers Design+Build

Silent Rivers Design+Build 25th logo, building masterpieces for 25 years, since 1993

All of us at Silent Rivers Design+Build are honored and incredibly proud to announce the company’s 25th Anniversary! Throughout 2018, we will recognize and celebrate this milestone. Get ready to be a part of this celebration with fun events and more announcements coming in the weeks and months ahead!


The art of building, the building of art

Original Silent Rivers brochure from when company was founded in 1993

The very first Silent Rivers brochure defines home as “Structural reflection of one’s personality.”

In the summer of 1993, I began what would become my life’s work by bringing together the worlds of art and residential design and construction.

In my 20s, I was an artist and sculptor living two lives. Remodeling and construction by day. Creating art by night. I opened a collaborative avant garde art gallery in Des Moines with two fellow artists. My construction income helped fuel the purchase of art supplies and sculpting tools.

Remodeling design began merging more and more closely with my inner artist as I realized the home is art, just as much as sculpture in a gallery is art. Each can speak to the soul.

Art is really about connecting to self; so is the home.

As this concept deeply took root within me, the art of building and the building of art was born!

As a sculptor I was inspired by the transition between home and yard, mostly designing and building decks and other outdoor projects. My first team – friends and family hired to help with construction.

At the Iowa State Fair Discovery Garden, hundreds of thousands of people have walked under the arbor designed and built by Silent Rivers.

At the Iowa State Fair Discovery Garden, hundreds of thousands of people have walked under the arbor designed and built by Silent Rivers.

We came to a point where we wanted to show people our capacity beyond decks and outdoor structures. So my first whole house renovation was a small bungalow in East Des Moines where I lived. We did a complete creative overhaul, remodeling the entire house room by room with artistic flair.

The national Remodeling Big 50 award was given to Des Moines based Silent Rivers Design+Build in 2006

Silent Rivers was honored to be awarded as one of the nation’s top remodelers in 2006.

This huge remodeling endeavor paid off! That house was featured on the premiere Des Moines Tour of Remodeled Homes under “Silent Rivers Design+Build.”

From there, our artistry continued to grow, and so did our talented team! Honored to be recognized locally and nationally, we joyfully serve as stewards in our craft, creating timeless, durable designs with meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled aesthetics.

diamond cutout cabinet doors, concrete planter, hanging light bulbs, wood beam details in very first Silent Rivers Design+Build whole house renovation on east side of Des Moines

Details of artistic touches in the very first Silent Rivers whole house renovation.


Our beloved homeowners throughout 25 years of Silent Rivers

What it’s really about is the individual client served by the Silent Rivers team. Every person’s lifestyle, aesthetic preferences and home is a totally unique opportunity for our team to apply our artistry and craftsmanship in a way that fulfills a client’s vision of ‘home’. Through the creation of personal spaces that inspire, we strive to help our clients experience a deeper understanding of who they really are.

As a matter of fact, it has always been about more than how a home looks. For the Silent Rivers team, it’s about how the people in the home feel about themselves.

The artistry of our design, true craftsmanship and collaboration with our homeowners is what really sets Silent Rivers apart… And it shows in our project work and through our loyal, happy clients.

Today, nearly 1,000 Central Iowa homes are proud to be “Silent Rivers” homes. Throughout 2018, we will feature some of our remodeling and new construction projects from the past 25 years along with the amazing homeowners who invited us in to transform their living spaces.


Chaden Halfhill, founder of Des Moines based Silent Rivers Design+Build in an early Tour of Remodeled Homes program guide

Chaden Halfhill, as featured in an early Tour of Remodeled Homes program guide.

What else can you expect this year?

Stay tuned for very special 25th Anniversary announcements as we continue to honor the Des Moines community, and our wonderful loyal clients and employees who have done so much to lift up and support the work of Silent Rivers Design+Build.

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