Our Approach

Each Silent Rivers project begins with a client – a client who has an inspiration for a new build or remodeling project. Silent Rivers starts with this inspiration, and with expertise, attention, craftsmanship and caring, brings it to fruition. We work with you, the client, to draw out your individual style and understand how you want to use the space. Together, we develop a distinctively personalized design.

Design+Build is an approach in which the project’s design and construction are contracted and controlled from a single source. Silent Rivers has balanced artistry, design, estimation, craftsmanship, project management and collaboration within its operations. Therefore, we provide substantial value by being responsible for the holistic development and completion of your project. As the homeowner, you can expect to experience a collaborative process, with the designer and builder available at all phases of your Silent Rivers project. Ultimately, your entire experience from startup through post-construction will be more streamlined and integrated when you work with us.

Because we have painstakingly honed our design+build approach, Silent Rivers also takes pride in its ability to provide accurate estimates for project scope, timelines, and budget. We have a proven track record of consistently meeting these benchmarks in completing our projects. This is just one of the ways that Silent Rivers brings uncommon value to our customers.

Since its formation 30 years ago, Silent Rivers also has always valued the creation of natural spaces, intent on narrowing the gap between nature and the built environment.  Over time this has led Silent Rivers, and its owner, Chaden Halfhill, to become one of the foremost resources in sustainable building methods and healthier homes in the region. What this means for your project is simple.  Whenever appropriate and desired, the Silent Rivers team can help you understand specific methods and materials that can increase energy efficiency and the overall environment and health of your home.

We believe in exceptional execution and self-evident quality, as you can see in our Project Gallery. We believe in building life-long relationships. The entire Silent Rivers team sets extremely high expectations for customer satisfaction.  We want to hear from you!

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