Working With Your Budget

Whether it’s a two-million-dollar new home a $45,000 remodel, or a small project delivered by our home enhancements team, your project will be distinguished by an integration of design, functionality, durability and personalization. It will also meet the cost and schedule parameters we develop with you in the early stages of project design.

Because each project is evaluated by considering all facets holistically, Silent Rivers is adept at providing targeted estimates while highlighting the superior design and craftsmanship every Silent Rivers project features.

Silent Rivers has an extraordinary record for accurate project-based estimating. Working first with your input, we will develop the scope and propose the goals for function, aesthetics, budget and timing of completion. As the project progresses through design and into construction, Silent Rivers continues to provide clarity in communication and expectation regarding each phase. By optimizing collaborative efforts throughout each phase of a project.

Through this process we are able to recommend an integrated design+build solution that is truly personalized.  Our track record of efficiency and cohesive process differentiates us, as does the trust we build with our clients. As a result, our clients choose to build long-term relationships with us, often returning with additional projects and referring Silent Rivers to others.

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