Talking Points

Who is Silent Rivers?


What type of work does Silent Rivers do?

  • Remodeling
  • Custom new homes
  • Outdoor
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Custom furniture
  • Interior design services — NEW!
  • Big and small jobs from whole house remodels, additions and condos to railing repairs, door and window replacements and cosmetic updates
  • Care+Repair division helps you maintain your home.
  • Specialties include historic preservation, sustainable building, universal design and aging-in-place.


What differentiates Silent Rivers?

  • In-house team of designers and artisans
  • 2-year warranty
  • Accurate pricing
  • 25+ years in business
  • Sustainability knowledge
  • Have our own woodshop


What is Silent Rivers known for?

  • Highest levels of artistry and craftsmanship
  • Inspired designs with clever functionality
  • Durable work of excellent quality that stands the test of time
  • Extraordinary attention to detail
  • Accurate pricing
  • On budget and on time
  • Sustainable building methods
  • Excellent client satisfaction and a loyal following


Why do people choose Silent Rivers?

  • We create your home for life.
  • We create spaces that inspire to help you lead an inspired life.
  • We listen to  your goals and help you express your style.
  • We work with you to create inspirational solutions within your budget.
  • We create preliminary concepts and use your feedback to finalize a design that satisfies your goals.
  • We provide a caring experience via ongoing communications with our in-house team and a convenient online client portal.
  • We build your project to last.
  • We honor our work with a 2-year warranty.


How are projects priced?

  • Accurate pricing model!
  • Using historic pricing models of actual projects similar to yours, we provide you with an accurate range your project will likely fall into.
  • Initial price range based on initial design concepts; not a guess created before design direction is determined.
  • A fixed cost bid is presented when design is finalized.


The Silent Rivers Way:
We live, design and build by our values.

  • The Silent Rivers Way explained
  • Artistry
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Encouragement
  • Consideration
  • Enjoyment
  • Sustainability
  • MISSION: We connect people to their home, themselves and their family through considerate aesthetics, exceptional craft and a caring experience with our team of makers.
  • VISION: Through the creation of personal spaces that inspire, we will shift the paradigm of design and construction to help evolve humanity’s understanding of its highest self.


How to learn more about Silent Rivers:

  • Visit
  • Our website is full of project stories and inspiration.
  • Within the Projects section, you can see projects by type then narrow down by style and location, and read stories about the project.
  • Within the Services section, you can read about our areas of expertise and see project examples of each.
  • Our blog has hundreds of articles about the Silent Rivers approach to projects.
  • See awards we’ve won.
  • Sign up for our monthly newsletter.
  • Like us on Facebook @SilentRivers
  • Follow us on Instagram @silentriversdb
  • Follow us on Houzz @ Silent Rivers Design+Build and read excellent reviews from our clients!


Woodshop samples info:

  • Post catalyzed varnish is moisture resistant, UV resistant and solvent resistant
    • Color and sheen remain stable and stands up to alcohol-based cleaners
  • Finish is done in the shop, not on site, under fume control when the hardener is added
    • The acid catalyst helps finish be moisture resistant, unlike traditional finishes which dry through evaporation.
  • Less VOCs are released because it’s a quick chemical reaction in which the finish dries faster, therefore it’s low VOC
  • It cures in the shop over a matter of a days compared to several weeks for other finishes.
    • Lacquer, for example, continues to off-gas in perpetuity
  • “Painted” cabinets are not actually painted
    • Pigment is added to give this strong finish a color that looks like painted cabinetry.
  • Types of wood, finishes, techniques are written on back/side of each sample


Tips for engaging with people:

  • People do business with people and Silent Rivers is an amazing team through and through!
  • Be warm, approachable and confident in Silent Rivers being the best choice. You own the conversation you’re in with anyone you talk to at the show.
  • Create a memorable experience!
  • What do you know about Silent Rivers?
  • See any projects that interest you?
  • What brought you to the home show?
  • When you engage them, hand them a Silent Rivers business card (preferably the general no-name card so they are routed through sales system when they contact us).
  • Hand them a project example flyer or our sales brochure, if they seem interested.
  • Hand them a Design+Build Process brochure for those who seem highly qualified and engaged.


Rules of the booth/show:

  • Attire: Silent Rivers shirt
  • Don’t eat in booth
  • Stay off phones
  • Keep drinks hidden
  • Open, welcoming posture
  • Warm smiles
  • Eye contact
  • Badge only needs shown when you enter the show.
  • Fill out lead sheets for those who are qualified leads. Have them fill out front, and you fill out questions on back.
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