Community Leadership

Silent Rivers believes that each person’s project, space, environment, culture, and community are intertwined. Our community leadership approach seeks to maximize connectivity.

Dr. Lenore Metrick-Chen, art history professor, DMAF Curated exhibit and presentations in the Creative Cafe area of the Silent Rivers VIP Club at the 2018 Des Moines Arts Festival

Conversations about art around the gathering table inside the Silent Rivers VIP Club at the Des Moines Arts Festival. More about our support of DMAF »

We’ve pursued this connectivity in local, regional and national efforts to prioritize long-term efficacy of community-building practices. Silent Rivers has been a leader in providing opportunities for industry members and the general public to engage in energy efficiency, innovative building techniques, healthy relationships with environment, and cultural enrichment. We have also helped charter state-wide efforts to promote sustainable and community-aware building practices.

Within our own walls, Silent Rivers continually looks to develop our own company community, making educational and professional growth opportunities available to our team members. We also encourage team members to engage in efforts that improve community life in various other organizations. The people of Silent Rivers will tell you that they are here, in part, because they are encouraged to contribute their talents, passions and principles to make a difference in people’s lives.

Here is a small sampling of our community engagement:

  • Center of Sustainable Communities: founder, members, contributors
  • Clive’s Public Art Commission: founding member
  • Des Moines Arts Festival: sponsor
  • Des Moines Rehabbers Group: founder, president, members
  • Des Moines Remodeler’s Council: chairperson
  • Green & Main: founder
  • Green Drinks: sponsor
  • Habitat for Humanity: volunteer
  • Highway Clean-Up: volunteer
  • Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines: members
  • Indigo Dawn LLC: founder & president
  • Iowa Arts Council: artist, educator
  • Jazz in July: sponsor
  • Living Waters Fellowship: remodeling project donated
  • Meals from the Heartland: volunteer
  • Metro Arts Council: artist, educator, board member, chairperson
  • National Association of Home Builders: members of the Board of Directors and Executive Committees
  • pArtners Unlimited: educator, board president
  • Verified Green Associate
  • Clive Chamber of Commerce
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