A Springtime of Improvisation: Jazzy Birdhouses

Can one have an obsession with birdhouses?

With the vibrant arrival of new leaves and boisterous songbirds long deterred by frigid temperatures,  springtime in Des Moines stimulates the exuberant energies of youth. The melodies of bio-diversity rewrite expectations for the seasons ahead, casting aside the death of winter for an improvisation of sounds that inspire our hearts.

This creative concoction is a powerful elixir, one that has influenced artists throughout the millennia as each have grappled with the wonders of nature and their relationship it it. Passionate about the ecology of our own habitat and the importance of Central Iowa’s landscape, the springtime arrival of color and song has inspired¬†staff to build a diversity of birdhouses: a reflection of the creative dynamic neighborhoods we aspire to build.


Alex Schlepphorst Birdhouse

Alex Schlepphort mixed left-over remnants of cherry and birch with a trig he found outside our shop.



Peace Sign Bird Perch

This ‘peace-sign’ twig was all the inspiration needed for this asymmetrical home.




Denise celebrates her new birdhouse, which she won of this Metro Arts Alliance’s Taste of Spring Gala. This contemporary solution makes for a fun Mother’s Day gift or a fun addition for her yard.



Beyond the metaphor of building birdhouses, perhaps it’s our inherent nature for change, or a recurrent nesting instinct that encourages us to make our spaces anew? Remodeling reflects the changing seasons of our lives and our homes host the spirit of this change; nurturing this spirit supports our personal well-being, extending benefit to those around us, and generates lasting impact on so many levels.



Using found objects, left over tile pieces, and a Hobbit’s whimsy Jessica Marie Bishop Fisher crafted this playful birdhouse.



So, be sure to visit us this summer as we share our whimsical springtime follies. You can find us at the Des Moines Arts Festival, Jazz in July, and of course, at our Silent Rivers Page on Facebook. See you there.

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