Cale Unzicker

Title: Design Assistant

Certifications: Bachelor of Architecture, Iowa State University

Summary: As a Revit modeler and general tech person Cale's work at Silent Rivers garners him experience and expertise in the design world as a whole while finding new strengths. He assists the entire design team as needed to create a balanced work load for the team and a smooth client experience. Cale looks to bring forward more tech-savvy methods to expedite work flow and better communicate design to clients.

Experience: Cale's experience focuses in technology, using rendering, digital material creation, and 3D printing as well as various 3D modeling programs. He also focuses on sustainable design, analyzing a variety of scales and how these scales to daily life and the home.

The natural world is the root of all life, so nurture, appreciate, and admire it. ”

More About Cale Unzicker: Cale's two greatest hobbies are video games and rock climbing. He enjoys the environments and experience that video games impart on the player; especially  architecture.  He also enjoys rock climbing as a fun way to feel close to nature while getting a large adrenaline rush from being oh so high off the ground.

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