Cabinetry, Oh Cabinetry – Traversing the Forest of Choices

Custom cabinetry can enhance a remodeling project or new construction project by providing a one-of-a-kind solution tailored to the specific functional and aesthetic goals.When custom cabinets are used, we can utilize specialty woods, locally sourced material and unique finishes. The quality of construction is second to none. Silent Rivers is proud of the craft that goes into creating custom cabinetry for our projects: they are made with care by our own artisans right in our shop.


Customized Manufactured Cabinetry is Now a Choice!

With many projects, the functional and aesthetic goals can be met using a manufactured cabinet, or “semi-custom” line. Each project is unique. In some cases, when meeting a defined budget is a high priority, we will utilize manufactured cabinets exclusively. In other cases, when a specific need is identified, we will mix custom cabinetry and manufactured cabinets to augment the design.

Toward this end, Silent Rivers recently became a distributor for the Wellborn Cabinet line. Wellborn aligns with the Silent Rivers’ emphasis on quality, customer service and sustainability. Wellborn’s facility controls quality from the timber that arrives at the sawmill to the finished cabinet to the delivery to our loading dock, and everything in between.

A couple months ago, three of our staff members traveled to the Wellborn factory in Alabama for an intensive five-day training program. During this week, our team not only learned about their manufacturing process and how to create a Wellborn cabinet order, but were also introduced to the Wellborn family, currently in the fourth generation of cabinet making.

Their assembly line is a model of efficiency with multiple points where quality is checked and rechecked. This is critical to customer satisfaction as they ship thousands of cabinets each day with their own trucking line!


A glimpse at the manufacturing process of Wellborn Cabinets

Introduction of the Wellborn cabinets to the Silent Rivers family of offerings enhances our ability to provide a multitude of door styles and factory finishes, from the traditional Victorian to the contemporary slab.


A truckload of pre-manufactured Wellborn Cabinets are delivered to Silent Rivers for an upcoming condo remodeling project in Des Moines

Our first project with Wellborn cabinets is currently in construction, and the cabinets are in the process of being installed. Everyone at Silent Rivers was excited to see the first truckload pull up to the loading dock.


Pre-manufactured Wellborn Cabinets in a modern flush slab face being installed in a Des Moines condo by Silent Rivers

This project utilizes a modern flush slab door that will align with the mid-century aesthetics of a condominium unit. This is only one of 100 different door styles they offer. And each one is available in a huge variety of paint and stain finishes – think of the potential!


The Silent Rivers Promise of Quality Cabinetry

Of course, we will continue to offer the unparalleled design and quality available in custom cabinets through our on-site cabinet shop. The Wellborn line allows us to have greater control over the manufactured cabinets we use, and to bring our clients more value-based choices.


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