Jon Curry

Jon Curry

Title: Lead Artisan

Certifications: Certified Lead-Safe Renovator

Summary: An experienced carpenter, Jon has specialized in construction and carpentry as a remodeler. Before joining Silent Rivers, he studied architectural drafting while developing his carpentry practice. He found that the study and application only reinforced what he already perceived, that he saw the hallmarks of quality building intuitively.

Experience: For Jon, the respect for teamwork at Silent Rivers is crucial to its success and to his participation. “I like talking with the designers and being part of the whole process. And for everybody, quality is top-notch.” This, for him, involves superior construction and craftsmanship, artistic and compelling design, and attentive response to a client’s wishes. Bringing his years of professional carpentry experience to Silent Rivers, Jon loves the beauty and quality of the projects he produces with the team. Whether it’s a kitchen or a bathroom remodel, Jon is motivated by the expectation that the high quality of the work will be self-evident. The beauty of both the design and the execution can “just be seen and felt, instinctively.” Even though each outcome is the result of excellent design, collaboration, and craftsmanship, he is proud that, in the end, the projects also speak for themselves.

Silent Rivers just equals above and beyond the norm, I suppose. It’s hard to say, because it’s just what we do.”
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