The Chemistry of Memory Making

Wine comes in all sorts of varieties and the spectrum of flavors is wildly diverse; the price per bottle varies just as widely. Why do you buy wine? Do you understand why you buy the wine that you do?


I came to drinking later in life, having skipped all the college beer parties and the raves of my twenties. Call me prudish, but I didn’t drink alcohol until I was 42. I misperceived the objective of drinking solely as an effort to get drunk, and saw little value in getting wasted. Unfortunately, I delayed experiencing a rich world of aromas and flavors. I’m no wine sommelier, nor a food aficionado, but pairing wine with great foods creates a fusion of taste. Within this chemistry hides a deep connection to residential remodeling; the common thread is the passion for discovery and personal evolution, and the never-ending pursuit of individual expression.

I realize my opinion sounds a bit lofty, but consider the influence of memory on taste, for example. Most people, when asked to recall a favorite wine not only remember the name of the wine, but more importantly they recall the context in which they experienced the wine. More often than not, their recollection reflects a transformative memory shared with another, or a group of friends. This transformative moment and these shared flavors are enhanced if not fused by the social dynamic. Remodeling helps transform our houses, combining a mixture of textures and colors with improved circulation and function. Add friends and family for a meal, and you bring together the ultimate trifecta: Atmosphere, People, and Food & Wine. Magic happens when we embrace the discovery of new ideas and fresh experiences.

People continue to change and mature, as do our palettes; change remains the sole constant, as does our internal desire to explore and evolve. We each possess the creative drive for exploration and self-awareness, and we express this silent river of ingenuity in the day to day things we accomplish, the places we return home to at night, and the fusion of food, wine and people we cherish.

Haas Table

So, inspired to help foster a social dynamic like that of the kitchen, or the wine cellar, or specialty rooms, Silent Rivers will host the Style Salon at this year’s Iowa’s Premier Beer, Wine, & Food Show. These spaces—the kitchen, the bar, the wine cellar—allow particular elements to fuse themselves into a memory: food, wine, friends, and family. Though the food and wine is important, it is also the atmosphere itself, the space in which people gather, that allows these memories to be made.


Silent Rivers will be exploring these notions of atmosphere and memory making with various events throughout the weekend. We hope you will join us at the Style Salon in HyVee Hall on November 7th and 8th.


Friday, 8:00-9:00

Stellar Cellars: At Home in Your Perfect Wine Environment

Being in the cellar can be an absolute pleasure when form and function work together. Who knew that storage could be so stylish? Tips and tricks will be shared to enhance your varietals as well as examples of cellars that are out of this world.


Saturday, 11:00-1:00

Designers on Demand: Experts Examine Your Home’s Potential

A chance to pick the experts’ brains! Bring photos and lots of questions. Transforming your home starts with creative ideas and plenty of planning, and a fresh perspective is always a great way to get started on making your home the best it can be. Stop by the VIP Shopping Experience and let us help you generate potential solutions.


Saturday, 2:00-3:00

Hospitality 101: Pairing Food and Drink with Panache

What wine goes well with what meat? Can I still serve wine with a dessert? More than a tasteful presentation of what varietals go well with sweet or savory or how to bring out the best in your wine and your meal, Josh Buchsbaum will introduce you to the world of infusion—in cocktails and event planning. Not only can great flavors combine to spark your palette, but space, atmosphere, and theme also come together to create great hospitality, and help make your experiences more profound.



Saturday, 4:00-5:00

Counter Culture: Countertops from Subtle to Sublime

The countertop is sometimes the star of the kitchen, or sometimes, it simply plays a supporting role. We will explore the character of countertops from the simple and quiet to the unique and attention grabbing. Whether your are the head chef in residence or the microwave queen, there are options that will fit all levels of your culinary purposes.


Saturday, 5:30-6:30

Tablescaping: From Centerpiece to Masterpiece

First impressions are lasting impressions. We have design ideas to make your table memorable for any event! Be ready to create your own masterpiece with our hands on experience. Share your new creation with the world via Facebook or Pinterest!

hgtv-thanksgiving-tablescapePhoto credit: HGTV
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