The Gratitude of Thanksgiving: Celebration!

For many seasons now, I have looked for ways to embrace the gratitude of Thanksgiving without the anxiety of winter’s looming uncertainty and its unpredictable impact on business.

In a world that is evolving at a frenetic pace, even fragmented at times, we all yearn for pauses: time with our families, a break from the ever-changing flux of our daily worries and worklife. Imagine a quiet reprieve from the emotional intensity so often associated with such fluctuation; this calm space reveals a moment of solace where emotional reciprocity is the norm rather than the exception.

As I edge towards my 50th birthday, I realize the stress felt by many each holiday season can be alleviated. Just by the simple awareness that we truly have little control over outcomes, and despite continuous efforts to manage results, the only constant is change. But amidst the change, I am so thankful for the genuine rapport among Silent Rivers team-members, between our amazing clients, and within our broader community. These bonds provide the spark of relationships and the basis of everything worthwhile: family.

At Silent Rivers, we dedicate ourselves to caring for families, extending the synergies of family into the homes in which they live.

So, upholding this basis, one of connection, we celebrate.


Celebrating Those Who Make Silent Rivers Whole

We celebrate family – our partners, our children, and our pets. The families of Silent Rivers bring tremendous joy into all our lives. I’d like to take this opportunity to honor their support and their encouragements in tough times and in good times.

Silent Rivers Design+Build team, staff, employees, Des Moines, Iowa

I am so proud  — and thankful — to call this group the Silent Rivers team. These people, their significant others, children and extended families are a reason for celebrating.

And we celebrate our clients — the great people we work with day to day, those who believe in us and trust us with their homes. It is your trust and belief that we work so hard to please and protect.

Silent Rivers artisans install the custom dining room table they built for a client who wanted to surprise his wife.

Silent Rivers artisans install the custom dining room table they built for client David Winston, center, who wanted to surprise his wife. Read the story »

We celebrate collaboration with each other. As a team, we work together to bring beauty to those around us, but without the dedication and diligence of a diverse group of talents, opinions and imaginations we would be unable to accomplish the amazing projects that satisfy our spirits.


Celebrating Those Who are Making the Green & Main Initiative Come to Life!

We celebrate the Green & Main initiative. Despite being a most challenging undertaking, this decade-long journey has taught us a lifetime of lessons. Everyone involved, including the Silent Rivers Design+Build team, deserves recognition and thanks for their hard work on this initiative.

The “Sacred Commons” area at Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center at the Green & Main building features wooden lathe wall treatment, clay tile, curved wall and ceiling and a spiral art sculpture.

The “Sacred Commons” area at Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center at the Green & Main building.

We celebrate the community of Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center, tenants of Green & Main. The women of Healing Passages, together with the families they serve, entrusted the Silent Rivers team to provide a birth center like no other in this great country. Despite unexpected obstacles and delays, they maintained faith and waited patiently for fulfillment of this vision.

Healing Passages midwives and staff meeting in the Sacred Commons.

Healing Passages midwives and staff meeting in the beloved Sacred Commons area of their new space at Green & Main.

And we celebrate the broader community in which we live. Central Iowa is an amazing place. We recognize the incredible people that comprise this great region. This past summer, many of you supported theHeart of a Seed Kickstarter campaign to support the Green & Main and Healing Passages mission.

We express our sincerest thanks to all of those who helped to make this possible, and we’d like to extend a special thank you to Ronin, Staci Hemesath, Barbara Rivera, Sarah Cutsforth, Tom Bos, Steven Pellow, and Kathy Jacobson for supporting theHeart of a Seed campaign at the ‘Named in Thanks’ level. To learn more, please visit, and click on the campaign page.

It all starts in the heart. When we work in harmony with nature rather than in opposition to its forces, we better nurture our bodies, our buildings, and our communities.

Learn more about theHeart of a Seed campaign to support the new birth and women’s wellness center in the sustainably built Green & Main building in historic Sherman Hill.


Silent Rivers celebrates everyone who joins us in our work, many of you following us on Facebook, Twitter and Houzz, sharing in our accomplishments this year.


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