Intention Connection – Uplift Your Guests with Words

Detail of Silent Rivers' hand-made gift charms.

Detail of Silent Rivers’ hand-made gift charms.

Joy, Love, Art, Home, Family, Peace, Truth, Create, Inspire, Laugh, Live, Dream, Shine, Happy, Wish, Hope, and One.


These are the words we stamped into 500 charms that we gave away last Tuesday as guests left the dsm Magazine unveiling party. A lot like dipping your hand in grandma’s cookie jar or enjoying a chocolate covered fortune cookie after a great meal at Red China Bistro, simple messages can seed inspirational ideas or motivate personal reflection.


We heard such wonderful stories from people as they drew from our giving bowl; some exclaimed fascination with the serendipity of their selection and its relevance to their life. The spirit of the celebration remained strong throughout the evening, echoed by so many that attended. We believe it fair to say all had a good time: from mechanics to executives, house wrights to venture capitalists, and artists to pastors. The lines between roles dissolved as everyone  savored the summer sun setting beyond the stage. We set out to inspire metro Des Moines, highlighting our love of details and encouraging the creative voice we all possess.


We succeeded on so many levels, and believe connections made will be genuine and long-lasting. A cohesive community starts with creativity.

There has not been a better testament for our staff than to repeatedly hear from guests through out the past week: each person reflecting upon their individual experience,and  sharing how positive they felt after the party, and in some cases, even uplifted for several days.

To discover that we helped re-inspire some attendees at work has left us with a lasting impression. Even today, a past client stopped by with a box of donuts solely to acknowledge how welcome she felt last Tuesday,  reminding us that the details were thoughtful and they helped reinforce the playful atmosphere of the evening.


While we strive for excellence in both idea and detail, what truly matters are the people and their experience.


Kelly McCulley Daza: Can you feel the intensity of her cello?

That said:

We had a great time hosting you.

Please, enjoy the photos below!

(Photo Credits – Dan Welk)


Nicole James painted a shadow mural with visitors throughout the evening.



Dinner break in the shade of an all-electric 1979 GT thanks to Nabil Hanke.



Greg Arganbright, Woodharbor Kitchen and Baths, enjoying himself.




Artists Kim Hutchison and Jeremiah Elbel deep in discussion.



Do we need to say more: Christine Riccelli, Great Smile!



King Casper delighted the crowd with an astral mix.


What a great evening for art, music and cabinetry!



Is that Doug Year, Sunderland Brothers, engine snooping?



Frank and Connie in the center of it all.



Tom Baldwin relaxing on his vintage Mercedes – quite the car!

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