A Celebration of Gratitude

Our day has arrived at Silent Rivers; quietly we leave behind months of preparations so the party can begin. The next issue of dsm will soon be revealed to the sound of tumbling wood blocks, celebrating the newest design and style issue.

As a team of artisans, we are excited to host this summertime celebration of culture in Central Iowa, and our passion couldn’t be more evident:

1. From the inception of our save-the-date invitations, we have encouraged Central Iowans to “Come Be Inspired.” Why? We believe residential space should inspire, so we sought to evoke this sensibility through sound, food, art and furniture. Your home should embrace your spirit, and support your well-being. We hope you have fun tonight, and enjoy a multi-sensorial experience.


2. As champions of creativity, we are dedicated to supporting Central Iowa’s creative economy and promoting artistry in all forms. We embrace the influence of creative expression and the impact it has on community; art beautifies and challenges perceptions. We want to thank artists Ann Wilde, Jay Wilde, Jodi Stanfield, Kelly Mc Culley Daza, Conner Daza, Nicole James, Jeremiah Elbel, Ryan Mullin, Fernando Aveiga, and Dan Welk and Gabe Lueders for leading this charge by sharing their talents with the dsm Community during our event. Great job!

Chalk Drawing-001

3. We strive to reinforce the value of residential customization by highlighting the personalization of cars and, another popular testament to creativity and personal expression. We greatly appreciate the impressive show of support from friends and clients that stepped up to share their vehicles in our inaugural car show. We hope to expand this conversation in the future, and look forward to your input. This evening, be sure to stop by each car and chat with Mark Hayes, Don Smithey, Nabil Hanke, Craig Tassin, Tom Boesen, Denny Kelly, Tom Bloxham, Jason Allen, and Cosette Boone. We are grateful they joined us, and we anticipate a few to arrive last minute. Make yourselves at home.

4. We love stretch goals, which support our ongoing education as artisans, designers, business stewards and leaders. The specific challenge to create a memorable dsm Magazine unveiling, one that reflected the authenticity of our company and its capacity to be different and lead by example. We love to initiate new ideas, risking the possibility of failure in order to better serve the marketplace and stimulate an evolution in housing. From aesthetics to building science, we strive for excellence. Thank you to our friends at Business Publications Corporation for allowing us the flexibility to experiment, proving the opportunity for us shine. What a great platform! You continue to raise the bar in Des Moines.

5. Teamwork! While creativity provides the chemistry for the seed to sprout, collaboration and teamwork create a resilient and strong eco-system for an idea to thrive and flourish. This couldn’t be truer statement for Silent Rivers. This inter-connectivity extends well beyond our internal design-build process, stretching this continuum to include so many talent trade partners that supply and produce work together with our staff throughout the year. This broad team of associates is continually challenged to design, fabricate, build and even fund a wide array of projects throughout the year.

To our delight, 27 of these companies stepped up to help underwrite a portion of this event for you, and they will join us in celebration tonight. This completes the circle; Inspiration is rooted in community and without teamwork and collaboration, we could not provide recurrent service to our clients. Our appreciation extends to this dedicated group of trade partners and supportive small businesses that support our work :

  • AAA Roofing
  • Woodharbor Kitchen and Bath
  • Granite, Marble & Tile Solutions
  • Barnum Floors
  • Plumb Supply Company
  • The Dana Company
  • Rowat Cut Stone and Marble
  • Topline Construction – Concrete Specialists
  • Bell Brothers
  • Greenbean Landscaping
  • Griess & Ginder
  • Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery
  • Sunderland Brothers
  • Peoples Trust & Savings Bank
  • Community C.P.A.
  • The Rasmussen Group
  • The Des Moines Arts Festival
  • Spectrum Lighting
  • Extreme Electric
  • Leachman Lumber
  • Cox Design & Metal Fabrication
  • Comiskey Glass
  • Reynolds Energy Solutions
  • Wildwood Floors
  • Stam’s Chocolates
  • Central Iowa Music Lab
  • The Juice Company

6. Of course, our sense of community extends well beyond our rapport with trades partners to the enduring relationships we fuse with each homeowner. Without the desire for quality remodeling solutions, nor the dedicated trust imparted by our clients…

…well, we would have nowhere to go work. We would lack the opportunity for growth. And perhaps most importantly, we would see no success. We would lack the ability to make beautiful things and facilitate the change we want to see in a community we love. We have been blessed by nearly 22 years of incredible families that have invited us to reshape their spaces and craft their furniture, sharing in one of the most intimate environments: home.

Thank you for believing in Silent Rivers for all these years!


As you leave the event tonight, be sure to stop by our greeting table at the entry of our site. We have made an inspirational charm to share with you; a token of gratitude for each you. Thank you for everything you have done to shape our success and encourage our excellence!

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