Original Flooring in a Vintage Bathroom Inspires Penny Round Tile Floor & More


Remodeling Historic Preservation Design+Build Custom Cabinets & Furniture

This 1918 house’s existing bathroom layout was already functional, but the homeowners called us in to maximize the aesthetic while still honoring the bathroom’s vintage style. In addition, they requested we add more concealed storage to increase the functionality of the room even further.

We found the original hexagonal tile floor in a damaged state from a previous plumbing problem. And though we were unable to save it, the original flooring still served as inspiration for the stunning new penny round tile flooring and the subway tile on the shower surround; we also added a unique elongated hexagonal wall tile above the subway tile. We continued the white subway tile throughout the bathroom, serving as wainscot.

A metal accent strip separating the field and border tiles is complemented by the stainless steel shower inset shelf. The custom-built vanity has corner feet instead of a toe kick to reflect furniture from this era and maximize the beauty of the new floor. Mirror and wall sconces were installed to reflect the bathroom’s original layout prior to its last remodel, a layout configuration we discovered when we opened up the wall. To wrap the whole look together with the rest of the home, we matched the bathroom’s window and door trim with the trim used throughout the house.

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