Tour de Possibility: A Photo Essay of Home Remodeling Ideas

IMG_2809Great home remodeling ideas come from all sorts of places. Inspiration stems from the intersection a need, desire and experience. Researching new products, systems and practices helps motivate homeowners, designers and craftspeople alike. Regular study helps ensure a deep well of understanding.

Silent Rivers Design+Build recently attended The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), and can’t say enough about the excitement of the trade show floor. It’s like eye-candy for the creative: exciting new products that peek the curiosity and tempt the fingers. But, write about it? Nah! We’d rather share a few fanciful images from the show floor, a tantalizing tour de possibility.

We hope you enjoy. We did!



Ever consider a crystal chandelier above your tub?




Ever wonder when that steel counter top in the garage would rate as an elegant kitchen surface? That time has come!




What can we say? Love the back splash! Yearning for a local Ann Sacks store…




This thin porcelain counter was highlighted by a custom book-matched molding detail. Refined and scrumptious!




The interplay of light and water always delights the senses in the world of Kohler…




Can’t take the carpenter out of the designer: the art behind the drywall too often goes unrecognized, subordinated to the allure of the finishes.




Who would have thunk? Valve stems as art!? We totally agree! Details inside your fittings are very important.




…and so are the fixtures. We heard that 2015 was the year of the tub. Agreed! Will the tub replace the shower? Never! But a return to basics? Definitely!



And more to come…



Ahhhh!! The luxury of textures in which to bathe.




The ultimate personalized bathroom begins with a hand-painted tub.




Be sure the bathroom maintains room for some whimsy and natural stone.





Having never seen this brand of oven before, the solid cast metal front left us awestruck, enchanted by the refined detailing and materiality.




Handmade handles using a router and dowel pull. Didn’t particularly like them, but we credit the designers’ effort to move beyond purchased pulls and add an additional element of craft.




Of course, this handcrafted tub highlights the texture of its making…





An intersecting barrel vault: a very challenging framing pattern made easier by technology. Integrating one of these in a bathroom would be fun project!




Ok – a simple nod to the building scientist in us all – this is an elegant detail, albeit one generally seen only by those of us that build for a living. We used this exact detail for The Revitalize Home in Historic Sherman Hill, the home rehabilitation for which we were recently recognized by the National Association of Home Builders. Without excellent structural details, expensive finishes do not ensure and the excitement of beautiful spaces will wane.



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