Landscaping: Collaborating with a Landscaper

Every project benefits with input from multiple sources.  This is especially true when creating outdoor projects that unify the transition between your yard with your home.  The first step to making that connection is collaborating with a landscaper early in the design process.

Contemporary steel arbor is softened by tall grasses and landscaping.

While designing this addition in Johnston, Green Bean Landscapes laid out the plan for the walking path and plantings.  We also worked together to integrate planters into the roof deck railing.

When planning a project that will involve both your home and your property, it is important to find a designer, builder and landscaper that work well together.  As all three play different roles and bring various kinds of knowledge to the table, allowing their dialogue to begin early will yield the most integrated results.  The designer will typically begin with the overall concept and direct the design from beginning to end, while the landscaper can expand this vision and make recommendations that can enhance the designers initial intent.  Involving the builder during the design process also adds a more pragmatic voice that can help control the eventual construction budget.

Iowa buff limestone steps lead around the house to this backyard lake patio.

Working closely with Green Bean Landscapes, these Iowa buff limestone steps were designed to lead around the house to an outdoor kitchen. Low stone retaining walls were also built around this lakeside patio and fire ring.

At Silent Rivers we provide two of these three services, the designer and the builder, and we enjoy partnering with a landscaping company to provide the third member of our team, Green Bean Landscapes (  Zach Heitzman (the owner, designer, lead installer, and all-around nice guy) is a licensed landscaping architect who brings a wealth of knowledge to each project after working at other landscaping companies, architecture firms, and along side civil engineers.  During our design process we will sit down with Zach as we are developing concepts, not only to bounce ideas off each other, but to also establish investment goals for construction.  This allows the design to progress as a unified whole, and eliminates the difficulties that can be created when the landscaping is completed as an afterthought once a home is built.

Brick house with limestone retaining walls

Green Bean Landscapes completely rebuilt the limestone retaining walls and planting beds at this Beaverdale Brick. They also installed a new paver patio and limestone stairs to the back yard.

Green Bean Landscapes shares many of the same values and perspectives about design & construction that we have at Silent Rivers.  Quality, Longevity, Functionality, and Sustainability are the guiding principles that we use to approach each unique project.  And, by sharing those views we are able to work together to deliver projects that enhance both the inside and the outside of your home and endure for years to come.





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