Custom Built Sheds: Add Unique Landscape Appeal and Extra Storage

Spring time is upon us! Time to break out the patio furniture, BBQ grill, flowerpots and garden tools.

Were you fortunate enough to have a nice dry place to store all of your spring stuff? If not you may be spending some of your precious sunshine time cleaning your grill and repainting your furniture, or replacing your upholstery and garden tools. You say, “Yeah, but I don’t want some ugly old eyesore of a shed in my yard,” or “We bought a shed a few years ago from the big box lumberyard and two years of Iowa weather rotted it away.” There are plenty of shed options to fulfill your dreams of a beautiful outdoor structure!



The homeowners chose vibrant colors for their custom designed garden shed by Silent Rivers, adding to the charm of the backyard. Small details, such as the chair and pot, add finishing decorative touches, making this structure more than just a garden shed.



This garden shed designed by Silent Rivers was built for the gardens at a downtown Des Moines company.

Custom Built Sheds are the Alternative

Garden sheds don’t have to be eyesores. In fact a custom-built garden shed can not only keep all of your outdoor possessions protected for the harsh winters, they can be designed and built to creatively accessorize your landscape, fit your space creatively, and match or contrast your home or other outbuildings and landscape. A well-built custom shed can be built using the same construction methods as a custom home and will give you years of performance.


Custom Built Sheds are for More Than Storage

Custom built garden sheds can function as more than just storage sheds. By using windows and glass doors your shed can transform into a summertime workspace for potting flowers and plants, or for garden tool maintenance.



A galvanized metal facade and wood trellis make a statement on this garden shed.

Plan Ahead

When planning a garden shed there are some things you should consider. First is the location. The second consideration is size. Think ahead and consider what you want to use it for. Do you want a concrete floor or wood floor, footings or no footings? Because most sheds fall well below the required size for footings, a treated wood floor framed structure can save a lot of time and money on construction and can also be somewhat portable and considered a nonpermanent structure.


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