Design+Build = Remodeling Value and Customized Results

The concept of “design+build” sounds simple – you work with one company throughout your entire remodeling or construction project.  This is true.  But the value of design+build encompasses much more than just convenience for the homeowner.

kitchen island with galvanized steel and raw wood with angled bar top

Close collaboration between Silent Rivers’ designer, cabinet builder and the client resulted in a unique kitchen update with well-executed details.



It’s important to know that there are several different approaches to design+build.  An architecture firm may call itself design+build because clients work directly with them on the design phase. The firm then provides construction management services in order to complete the project but hires subcontractors to do the work.  In another example, some contractors may call themselves a design+build solution by working closely with a couple independent designers, typically referring clients back and forth to each other.

A truly integrated approach to design+build is very different.  Founded on a belief in the intersection of design and construction, Silent Rivers exemplifies the integrated approach.  With deep expertise in both disciplines, Silent Rivers provides added value to our clients and creates truly unique results for their homes. Here are some key elements to consider when you are looking for design+build solutions:



When separate companies provide design and construction, there is a risk of conflict.  There are almost always changes and surprises in construction and remodeling.  When they crop up, it is common for contractors and designers to point fingers at each other rather than work collaboratively on a solution.  A true design+build approach allows for close communication of all changes and it results in a more accurate and integrated solution.


Preliminary Cost Projections

One of the benefits of having your design and construction work from one company is the ability to generate preliminary cost projections that get progressively more accurate as the design is refined.  As Silent Rivers works through the design phase, our intermediate cost projections narrow down the initial ranges and allow for course corrections if necessary.



Designers working alone can find themselves designing in a bubble, with no particular knowledge of construction. With collaborative design+build, from the beginning of the project your designer works closely with the build team who will be bringing the drawings to life through construction.  During construction, there is also a team approach to problem solving.  The construction staff has a comprehensive understanding of the project: not just of how to build it, but also the “why’s” that underlie the design.



The Silent Rivers design+build process is itself always under design.  During each project we fine-tune and improve our client’s experience.  Perhaps it is a better mode of communication between design and construction.  Perhaps it is an installation detail or new product that has arrived on the shelves.  At regular team meetings, we share knowledge and experience to make the company stronger and better able to serve our clients.


Quality and Value

The design+build philosophy encourages teams to work toward the right solution, not just the easy one.  Value is built through creative design and superior construction practice.


The Customer Experience

At its core, design+build is a relationship that is meant to create a positive and customized customer experience.  From the very first contact with a potential Silent Rivers client, we look for a good fit.  Our designers work closely with the client to define the project goals and arrive at an imaginative solution that meets their needs (sometimes even meeting needs the clients didn’t know they had!).  The transition to the construction phase is designed to nurture our relationship with clients.  As construction progresses, the lead artisan assigned to the job often becomes like a part of the client’s family.


As much as they will miss us, our clients are always happy when we leave with the project complete, with our tools and vans packed, so they can move into their beautiful new kitchen, bathroom or addition!


For examples of customized results that utilized our design+build approach, visit our portfolio of Design+Build Projects. Then contact us to talk about your home remodeling project!


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