Hidden Treasures and Features: More from the Spectacular Kitchen Project!

Last week, we featured the final results of this kitchen remodel in Spectacular Kitchen Project Unveiling: Mo’ Space, Mo’ Function. Several unique, space saving, multifunctional accessories were used in this remodel. As kitchen remodelers, Silent Rivers knows function hits the top of the desired features list. In this post, we share some of the accessory highlights designed into this West Des Moines kitchen and mudroom.

Kitchen remodel in Clive, Iowa by Silent Rivers features secret doors that reveal a large pantry and mudroom drop zone


side swing french door double oven and double high cookie sheet storage cabinet in West Des Moines Clive kitchen remodeler Silent Rivers

We used the space between the double oven and the refrigerator to efficiently store cutting boards, cookie sheets and all those flat, long items that can be challenging to store. The shelf dividers are adjustable because flexibility is a key to a well-functioning space. The double oven features a French door oven on top. With one hand, both doors open in a way that allows easy and safe reach into the top oven.


Magic corner cabinet for blind corner cabinet in West Des Moines Clive kitchen remodeler Silent Rivers allows Kitchen Aid mixer to come to you easily out of the corner cabinet

The is our so-called “magic corner.” The corner cabinet is always an extremely awkward and underutilized space. This special shelving accessory reclaims the normally dead space of the blind corner base cabinet by smoothly bringing forth all the items stored inside. This short video shows how easy it is to pull out the shelves and access the back shelves using the “magic corner”.



double trash and double recycling bins in pull-out kitchen cabinet in West Des Moines Clive kitchen remodeler Silent Rivers

Having a large family means needing a good solution for trash and recycling. Two sets of trash receptacles and recycling bins with lids are essential and conveniently located in the large kitchen island for accessing during meal prep.


Corner cabinet with electronic device charging station inside drawer West Des Moines Clive kitchen remodeler Silent Rivers

Another corner cabinet idea! Why not use this space for extra short-term storage? This can also be used as a drop zone for your keys, wallet and phone. And we’ve taken it a step further by implementing a concealed charging station in the drawer; everybody can leave their phone and enjoy a family dinner without disruptions. The charging station in the cabinet drawer can be used for up to eight devices –- notice how the USB outlets use much less space than the standard outlet.


Custom cabinet bench with file drawers underneath and pull out printer drawer above in nook office in West Des Moines Clive kitchen remodeler Silent Rivers

As we mentioned in our previous blog the small space we carved out for a home office needed to be well organized and efficient. This photograph reveals how we managed to conceal the desk printer in a custom pull-out drawer. The drawer cabinets below the bench house paperwork and files.


Shoe cabinet with adjustable shelving in mudroom of West Des Moines remodeler Silent Rivers

For a family of six, shoe storage in the mudroom is a must. To keep it organized and neat we included a large enclosed cabinet with an ample amount of adjustable shelves to accommodate their shoe storage needs.


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