Design Assistants Amie and Caitlin contribute their ingenuity to Silent Rivers team

When you choose Silent Rivers for your remodeling project, you’ll get to experience our talented design team and collaborative process first hand. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience and a finished space you’ll love. Our designers take pride in creating  spaces that reflect your unique personality and style.

new design assistants Caitlin Cuevas and Amie Schurman review architectural plans with woodshop artisan Alex Schlepphorst.

Amie Schurman (middle) and Caitlin Cuevas (right) review architectural plans with woodshop artisan Alex Schlepphorst (left).

Introducing Caitlin Cuevas and Amie Schurman, the newest members of our design team!


An interview with Caitlin and Amie

We sat down recently with Caitlin and Amie to chat about their roles as Design Assistants at Silent Rivers.


Q: What are some things you like best about being part of the Silent Rivers team?

Caitlin CuevasCAITLIN:  I enjoy the collaborative process. As a team, we work very closely with each other and our clients to provide the best possible end result. We want a result that is unique to each client and really fits their definition of ‘home’. In order to make this happen, collaboration and communication is key, and I feel like those are our core strengths at Silent Rivers.


Amie SchurmanAMIE:  I love how passionate everyone at Silent Rivers is about their work and their role in the company. I also appreciate how supportive the team has been as I learn the design+build process and get to know them and the current projects in progress. This is a special place and I’m proud to be a part of it!

Q: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from your time at Silent Rivers so far?

CAITLIN:  I think having the opportunity to work closely under the direction of the senior designers has given me a good understanding of the Silent Rivers’ process and how I can help strengthen the communication with our clients.

A quality customer experience is another important factor to the Silent Rivers’ process. We add value by making sure our clients enjoy working with us so much that they’ll be happy to share that experience with their friends and family.


AMIE:  Measure twice, cut once! I admire how detail oriented the Silent Rivers team is no matter their role. Although tedious, working through even the smallest details early on make for a rewarding finished product. Being thorough is the best way to ensure our clients will enjoy their new space for years to come.

Q: How do you apply your past experience and education to your role at Silent Rivers?

CAITLIN:  In interior design, the focus is always the clients and their needs for their space. Making sure the end result is structurally safe and sound, functional and aesthetically pleasing is key. Here at Silent Rivers, creating and designing spaces that have that same end result is a big piece of the design+build process, so for me it was a natural transition.


AMIE:  I have always been a creator, therefore it was an easy decision for me to study interior design. Although I learned how to use the design software in school, most of my learning has taken place on the job. With an education in design, my construction knowledge grows every day in Silent Rivers’ progressive design+build environment.

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