New Gazebo Creates a Private Outdoor Entertainment Space


Design+Build New Construction Outdoor Spaces

Following our work on their kitchen remodel, these delightful clients came back to Silent Rivers for another design+build project. Outdoor living space is where they wanted our touch this time. Architectural details of their midcentury home that were celebrated in their interior remodel included a circular motif. As we designed a more functional exterior space, the circe motif found a beautiful presence again.

To create an outdoor gathering area that offers privacy from the street view, we designed and built a gazebo that replaced an old trellis. The custom screen doors of the new gazebo feature a Zen-like circle that ties in with the circle motif found on the home’s front door and portal windows. Cedar slats were incorporated to match an existing screen wall and a potting shed to visually connect the outdoor space.

The placement and shape of the gazebo take into consideration how to maximize privacy and outdoor views, while minimizing the views the homeowners want blocked. The trellis roof connects the gazebo to the home, acting as an entry while also providing shade, and a necessary feature to satisfy neighborhood covenants.

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