Custom Home Update: A Home Exterior Wraps Up + Interior Progress

The last time we saw this new home in June (Shaping Up the Bones of a Custom New Home), we were working on completing the framing. Much progress has taken place since then, including a home exterior wrap-up and a solid amount of work accomplished on the interior! A talented crew combined with good summer weather is the perfect recipe for construction.


Wrapping Up the Exterior Work for Fall!

After the exterior sheeting was completed, continuous insulation and siding were installed, the roof shingles followed swiftly. The shell of the house was completely buttoned up once the high-quality windows were in place. The deck was shaping up which gave us a total idea of the front façade, proportions and material scale (see more photos further below of this exterior’s latest progress). Next, our focus was directed to the home’s interior.

windows installed on custom new home exterior in Des Moines by designer builder Silent Rivers

The windows are in place, along with insulation, siding and exterior sheeting.


A Quality Floor Plan Saves Time and Resources

In the construction world, getting ready to install the utilities is actually thrilling! But it’s also one of the most important and informative phases. Coordination among all trades in the installations sequence is vital for a well-functioning home. Our goal was to achieve great aesthetic spaces without visible bulkheads and utility chases. Having a good mechanical design team and an accurate floor plan ahead of time saves a lot of headaches and unnecessary adjustments. Plumbing and electrical systems were also meticulously planned early on to accommodate the layout without conflicts. We reviewed all locations of lights, switches and outlets with our homeowner prior to the installation. This entailed one detailed and invaluable walk-through with the client to show how the layout on paper will literally transform into function and meaning.

HVAC and electrical utilities installation progress on custom new home by builder Silent Rivers

A peek at the utilities before we start covering them with drywall.


For any renovation or new construction project the drywall phase can be overwhelming, messy and very time consuming, but especially for a whole house project. However, there’s an advantage to the fact that as a newly built house, it is not occupied, unlike a traditional renovation project. This made our work faster and smoother for the drywall crew.

drywall installation on custom new home in Des Moines by builder Silent Rivers

The drywall is finished and these walls are ready for paint!


in-floor heating installation in custom new home in Des Moines by builder Silent Rivers

An important feature is in-floor heating installed throughout the home. This is the future warm and cozy family room.


cedar siding and beams in vaulted ceiling of custom new home in Des Moines by builder Silent Rivers

Interior finishes make or break a space. We used cedar car siding for the tall vaulted ceilings with cedar exposed beams.


kitchen cabinet installation in Des Moines custom new home by builder Silent Rivers

It felt like a birthday celebration when the cabinets left our shop and were delivered on site. The crew was so very careful and gentle with every single piece, installing one box at a time until all the cabinets are in. The kitchen is shaping up!





The Home Exterior Work is Coming Along Nicely…

More photos below as we watch the exterior start to further come together.

Home exterior stone cladding, front facade and chimney details being installed on a Des Moines custom new home by builder Silent Rivers

One sunny day, the work outside progressed more – the stone cladding put the final touches on the front façade and chimney.


Home exterior finishing on Des Moines custom new home by builder Silent Rivers


Home exterior finishing, trim, stone cladding, siding on Des Moines custom new home by builder Silent Rivers


Stay tuned as this project progresses. We’ll update you with a final reveal blog. In the meantime, you can check out all our previous blogs on this project at the links below.

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