Feeling Gratitude for Lifelong Connections

Chaden Halfhill's cousin Joe Jordan and father Mike Halfhill at a family gathering

My cousin Joe Jordan and my father Mike Halfhill

My father’s favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. He rejoices in the autumn colors, the simplest of mealtime details, and the celebration of family without religious obligations. He’s a secular man, practical and ingenious with common sense. He studied political science in college and graduated to raising his family as a pipefitter at Firestone. As a child I often wondered why he didn’t pursue a career in keeping with his historical policy interests. Upon retrospect, I believe that his knack for problem solving for large manufacturing equipment provided him incredible satisfaction and a sincere lifestyle.

Now in retirement, my father regularly joins longtime co-workers for meals and reminisces about their shared experiences in and outside the plant. This weekly ritual provides him continuity with a workplace where he spent nearly thirty years. The camaraderie is deeply rooted in hard work and a rugged determination to support one’s family. Hard work evidenced by his weathered hands at the dinner table. While the grind of manufacturing took a physical toll, the bond to my father’s workplace increased as a result of tenure and shared experiences; gratitude was discovered within his craft and an honest day’s work.


The Power of Our Connections

Silhouette of two Silent Rivers carpenters happily working at a job site inside a client's homeBeauty within any trade stretches well beyond the things that are made and the lifelong application of a learned craft. Beauty is also reflected in the personal connection. At Silent Rivers, we believe that craft and beauty are paramount to our experience. But craft alone cannot be summarized by the things we imagine and produce. Inherent within the spaces that we design and construct are the connections established between people. These intrinsic relationships may well provide a longer lasting impact than the project itself. Without the powerful influence of personal connection, neither the homeowner nor the Silent Rivers team would be satisfied with the end project.

Every person on the Silent Rivers team believes that positive rapport and effective communication are imperative to a successful remodeling experience. Designing and constructing for a person’s home can be especially intimate not only because of the personal details required to understand how our clients live in the space. But also because we often work in their homes for extended periods of time. Ultimately, our clients sense that we care about them and their family. We are care providers for their home, and their home is an extension of their wellbeing.


Happy Thanksgiving

As we begin the holiday season, the Silent Rivers team is thankful for all the relationships we’ve built over the years. For all the wonderful people who have invited us in and entrusted us with their homes and their remodeling dreams.

Much like my father, as I age, the simplest of details seem to provide greater and greater satisfaction. The ultimate result is an expression of joy and gratitude.

As the holiday season begins, all of us at Silent Rivers wish you many happy gatherings with friends and family in the beautiful place you call ‘home’.

Camaraderie amongst the Silent Rivers team during a company gathering at a client's home

The Silent Rivers team takes time together to enjoy a client’s finished project and a beautiful day!



Silent Rivers is incredibly thankful for the joy and gratitude expressed by our clients on our Facebook and Houzz. Thank you!

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