Hall Bathroom Remodel Inspired by Original Cast Iron Grate


Remodeling Historic Preservation Design+Build Custom Cabinets & Furniture

This old Victorian hall bath was well-used and worn, serving several rooms. Previous remodels had stripped the bathroom of its original character and charm, except for the original floor grate. The cast iron floor grate became the inspiration for both the design and the layout of the room. Limited by existing walls, we maximized functionality and character using hand-crafted details and traditional materials used in creative ways, such as mosaic and subway tiles. We optimized storage by installing custom-sized doors and drawers that provided options for toiletries, towels and other bathroom products. The classic marble countertop pairs well with the stained oak millwork. To unify the design, the marble is carried into the shower seat bench. A functional transom into the shower connects the visual relationship between the hall and the bathroom, while also managing the humidity from the shower.


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