Chic Farmhouse-Industrial Style Bathrooms in New Custom Home


Design+Build New Construction Sustainable Resource Management

In this brand new custom house, the homeowner desired its farmhouse-industrial style (inspired by her childhood through adulthood love of barns!) to repeat in every room, including the two bathrooms. The key here was to retain the style, while also increasing the function of the rooms.

Throughout the bathrooms we incorporated reclaimed wood in the design, and where it wasn’t as feasible we used luxury products resembling weathered wood. We used chic product choices along with industrial options, and unique lighting fixtures, to add texture and to create an interesting contrast. The main bathroom takes advantage of the space, allowing for both a bathtub and a shower. In the smaller hall bathroom we even found innovative ways to build in additional storage and space while still maintaining the intended style. To make both the rooms airy and bright we added well-placed windows that retain privacy while maximizing the light allowed in.

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