Project in Progress: New Home Beginning Construction Tips!

This is an update to an article published a few weeks ago, titled Project in Progress: Silent Rivers New Home, Start to Finish! in which we discuss some of the differences between new construction and remodeling. There we review the process of collaborating with our clients to create their new home design plans and construction documents. Here we take you through the next phases in the build process.

Construction Docs, the Bidding Process and Client Readiness

Once the construction documents are finished, the construction bidding process can begin.  With a detailed set of construction plans and specifications in hand, pricing from subcontractors, suppliers, and the general contractor is much more accurate prior to construction beginning.

Keep in mind that a big difference between remodeling and new construction is that in remodeling there is a chance for unforeseen conditions (things behind existing walls) to be present, whereas in new construction this should only be possible during excavation (things we find underground) for the new foundation. Either way, we like to recommend that our clients still hold a contingency allowance, which is a provision for an unforeseen event or circumstance in the construction. We recommend this just in case there is a design change or other issues arise during construction.

Planning Ahead and Getting Started on the Building Phase

Once bidding is complete and final price of the new home construction is set, construction contracts can be signed and building permits can be obtained.

On a scheduling note, this may also be the time when your construction loan is negotiated with the bank, which may take some time to complete. If it takes too much time, finalizing your loan could push back the construction start date. For more on financing, read our tips on How to Finance Your Remodeling Project.

It’s best to plan ahead for the bank negotiations within the construction schedule. A contractor should be able to provide a detailed construction schedule too, at the time the contracts are signed. The construction schedule may be a little fluid, but the goal should always be to meet the completion date.

Once the building permit is in hand the construction can begin.

Construction has begun on new home by Silent Rivers in Iowa, concrete forms are being removed from foundation stub walls.

This new house is a “slab-on-grade” home, which means there is no basement. Here the concrete forms are being removed from the foundation stub walls.


Concrete slab is poured on new house designed and built by Silent Rivers in Iowa

Plumbing lines and other underground utilities are installed, then the concrete slab is poured.



Framing begins and the house starts to take shape.



Siding and roof sheathing move forward, showing more of the home’s final form.


Installing windows and doors on a new house by Iowa homebuilders Silent Rivers Design+Build

Windows and doors get installed and more of the siding is completed. It’s time to start planning for paint colors!


Siding and roofing complete on dried-in new house by Iowa homebuilder Silent Rivers Design+Build

Siding is completed along with the roofing. Now the house is “dried-in” meaning that it’s water tight and ready for insulation and drywall.


Rough-ins for plumbing, electrical and HVAC take place inside new house by Iowa homebuilder Silent Rivers Design+Build

On the inside, electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling rough-ins are taking place.



Once the rough-ins are complete, insulation can be installed.



After the insulation is installed, the drywall can be installed.


From the time the foundation was poured to the time the drywall was complete has taken about three months for this new home construction project. We’re right on schedule! The interior trim is being placed and the cabinets have been delivered.


Check back for updates here and on our Facebook page as Silent Rivers moves into the next phases of this new home design+build project! Take a look at our Project Gallery for examples of all our custom design+build projects.



A Lifetime Love of Barns Inspires a New Custom Home

A Lifetime Love of Barns Inspires a New Custom Home


Project in Progress: Silent Rivers New Home, Start to Finish!

Project in Progress: Silent Rivers New Home, Start to Finish!


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