Silent Rivers Sustainable Resource Management

Silent Rivers manages resources sensitively and responsibly. Sustainable building methods save money over time and improve our ecological footprint.

At our core, Silent Rivers is a sustainable design+build company. We are deeply committed to being knowledgeable about an array of sustainable building methods and incorporating them whenever possible into our work to create healthy homes for the people and families who inhabit them and for our planet.

When you work with Silent Rivers, sustainable technologies and approaches will always be explored and offered. Our clients choose the types and extent of sustainable materials to be incorporated into their project.

One of the most common ways sustainable resource management is utilized is through site source separation; the ability and expertise to manage building materials that go into and come out of the construction project. Silent Rivers can identify material to be used in your building project that is recycled or has a lower environmental impact. Rather than using a demolition approach, we utilize deconstruction methods that ensure less mess and the opportunity for eligible materials to be donated to places such as Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Greater Des Moines Habitat ReStore takes cabinets from a Des Moines home remodel by Silent Rivers

With the help of Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity ReStore, we divert tons of landfill waste while supporting the mission of Habitat for Humanity. Cabinets, counters, appliances, lighting fixtures and more are taken to ReStore where they will help other neighbors.

We have the expertise to recommend how clients can incorporate sustainable practices that consider ways natural resources can be managed more efficiently; such as storm water retention and reuse. And how to lessen the load on HVAC systems, including expertise on incorporating a GeoThermal design. Our energy efficiency expertise extends far beyond suggesting LED lighting.

Silent Rivers has the ability to fully load your building project with sustainable approaches. CEO Chaden Halfhill is a LEED Accredited Professional, and the team-at-large is heavily engaged and educated in LEED approaches. We are also partnered with the regions’ very best sustainability resources to provide our clients with extensive sustainable solutions if they wish.

Here are a few examples of Silent Rivers projects incorporating sustainable building methods and resource management: