Silent Rivers Healthy Homes

Silent Rivers is a leader in healthy homes and sustainable solutions. We can reduce toxic materials in construction, promoting a healthier environment in and around your home.

Silent Rivers healthy home bathroom design

The design+build process naturally lends itself to sustainable, efficient building and remodeling methods that reduce environmental impact, improve indoor air quality and increase energy efficiency. Through ongoing education and a passion for sustainability, our team has deep knowledge and proven expertise to recommend and incorporate eco-friendly materials and systems whenever possible to reduce contaminants and minimize energy use. Our artisans receive ongoing education on sustainable building methods and some are certified as LEED AP.

Sustainability in new homes and remodeling is good for the health of the family dwelling there,” says Chaden Halfhill, LEED AP and founder of Silent Rivers. “A healthy home is achieved through sustainable building practices, the use of less toxic materials for cleaner air, advanced energy efficiency and resource management.”

Silent Rivers’ healthy home practices include:

  • Paints used in your home are low VOC and lead-free.
  • Custom cabinets are finished in our woodshop, not in your home, using a post catalyzed varnish that does not off-gas.
  • Indoor air quality is considered throughout the entire remodeling process, including deconstruction, and in materials selection.
  • Indications of moisture discovered during deconstruction are investigated with moisture meters to determine source and resolution.
  • Recommendations are made for smooth and easily cleanable surface materials.
  • We consult with you on energy efficiency, ventilation and weatherization techniques.
  • Opportunities to reduce water consumption and properly manage storm water are factored into applicable projects.
  • Our sustainable resource management methods include site source separation during deconstruction so that eligible materials can be donated for reuse.
before and after photo of Green & Main pilot project at 800 19th St, Des Moines, Iowa shows aerial view of green roof, solar panels, permeable pavers

Silent Rivers won the 1000 Friends of Iowa award for this sustainable remodel at 800 19th Street in Des Moines’ Sherman Hill neighborhood. Now home to Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center with residential space on the top floor, the building incorporates advanced energy efficiency, solar panels (seen at top center of photo), a living green roof and beautiful reuse of materials including stunning walls made of refinished lathe removed during deconstruction. More about this project »


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