Healthy Homes

Silent Rivers is a leader in healthy, sustainable solutions. We can reduce toxic materials in construction, promoting a healthier environment in and around your home.

The design+build process naturally lends itself to sustainable, efficient building and remodeling methods that reduce environmental impact, improve indoor air quality and increase energy efficiency. Through ongoing education and a passion for sustainability, our team has deep knowledge and proven expertise to recommend and incorporate eco-friendly materials and systems whenever possible to reduce contaminants and minimize energy use. Silent Rivers’ healthy home practices include:

  • Paints used in your home are always VOC-free and lead-free.
  • Recommendations are made for smooth and cleanable surface materials.
  • We consult with you on energy efficiency, ventilation and weatherization techniques.
  • Indoor air quality is considered throughout the remodeling process.<
  • Opportunities to reduce water consumption and properly manage storm water are factored into applicable projects.